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100 Top Product Designer: Brian Thoreen

Brian Thoreen is a recognized Los Angeles and Mexico City-based top product designer who creates and produces modern furniture, contemporary art pieces, and installations that gather his own design philosophy from the integral nature of the materials within the application. As one of the best product designers in the world, One Hundred Edition brings to you, dear design-lover, some of his most innovative and charismatic pieces!


“For the most part, I am a designer but the lines between art and design can be blurry and this is where I like to exist. I think there is a very important distinction between art and design in terms of the vernacular but the most exciting spaces to explore are the fuzzy ones, between the definitions and around the boundaries.”

Brian Thoreen


All Brass Dining Table


Black Rubber Table


Custom Brass Desk

“The only way my work ever contributed to any artist I have worked with was by being a good fabricator, assistant, listener, and/or worker.”


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Custom Parchment Credenza


Growth Table


Tar Paper

“If I decided one day to make a sculpture, then I suppose in relation to that piece I am an artist. The same goes for an artist who decides to design a piece of furniture.”


Torpedo Chandelier


Unsettled Reaching Console

His creative works with a unique design, whether rigid or fluid, trail a commandment that the top product designer’s inspiration is in the medium. All these furniture design pieces tell their own truth.


Unsettled Standing Mirror


Unsettled Vessel One

His vision has been focused through years of working in different art fields and components. Brian Thoreen’s artistic sensibility to real-world applications is always concentrating on quality in an effort to keep the implicit virtue of his artworks.


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