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100 Top Product Designer: Ben Storms

Ben Storms is a Belgian top product designer and craftsman who thinks in terms of materials, converting materials to captivating shapes by using state-of-the-art techniques. His mission is to renovate craftsmanship pieces to fascinate sensations: One Hundred Edition shows to you some of his most unique pieces.


“What I find very interesting in all these old materials is that, since it’s been used for such a long time already if you can find a way to use it in a different way, it will stand out and be unique.”

Ben Storms


Ex Hale


In Hale Grand Antique Marble


In Hale Grand Antique marble – Stainless Steel

“I’m mostly inspired when I have the time to let my mind wander and just dream away.”

Ben Storms


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In Hale Table – Noir de Mazy

In each design process, the top product designer always starts with raw materials. He likes to work with solid materials that have been used for centuries, such as marble or steel. Also, in his practice as a designer, Ben Storms push materials to their boundaries, often questioning common notions by creating shapes that verge on the impossible, and finding balance briefly, and stimulating them to look at familiar materials with a fresh eye.


In Hale Wallpiece Brass

“By creating shapes that verge on the impossible, I confuse the viewers, make them lose their balance briefly, and stimulate them to look at familiar materials with a fresh eye.”

Ben Storms


In Hale Wallpiece Stainless Steel


In Vein Desk


InHale Center Table


Table in Vein


Twins Mirror

As one of the best product designers, he equally masters thinking and making. Ben Storms has refined his craft as a stonemason, sculptor, and woodworker. In his practice, he often combines traditional techniques with high-tech processes to produce unique pieces of furniture with a sculptural character.


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