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100 Top Product Designer: Bec Brittain

Considered one of the lighting world’s most rising new talents, Bec Brittain is also recognized as one of the best product designers in the world. Most notorious for her otherworldly pendant lights, her fertile imagination has produced a body of work distinguished by its luxurious finishes and conceptual dynamism. One Hundred Edition privileges the best of contemporary design: Bec Brittain is an example and an inspiration for design-lovers – take a look at some of her unique pieces!


“I see [my work] as a concept that is to be played with.”

Bec Brittain


Echo 1


Helix Floor Lamp


Kawari Crane

The top product designer studied product design at Parsons University and Philosophy at NYU and then received a degree in architecture from the Architectural Association in London. Glowed with a passion for smaller-scale production and the design of sumptuous hardware, in 2008 she became the Design Director for acclaimed lighting designer Lindsay Adelman and in 2011 she founded her own design studio.


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Seed 01


Shy 17

Bec Brittain designs and engineers all her products, which are the expressions of her own ideas, rather than being market-driven. All her contemporary design products are made in New York, using a variety of techniques and a network of local fabricators and artisans, and every piece is gathered by hand in the studio under the top product designer’s supervision.


Shy Polyhedron


Tension Beams


Themis 27

The top product designer conceptualized and produced several more pieces and product lines with a unique design, reflecting her ongoing emphasis on the nexus of architecture, technology, and metalworking.




Zelda Orbits

Her distinguishing aesthetic has been featured in multiple high-end publications, including The New York Times, Elle DÉCOR, Casa Da Abitare, and Wallpaper.


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