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100 Top Product Designer: Barnaby Barford

From the amusing cultural critique that characterized the early porcelain figurines to the more recent social commentary of installations and drawings, Barnaby Barford is one of the best product designers who use familiar iconography to destabilize the telling of ancient cautionary tales within a contemporary context. Do you want to discover some of his iconic and original works? One Hundred Edition honors the creativity and the difference: come with us and get amazed!


“You see the piece and you see yourself within it.”

Barnaby Barford


Avarice (detail)




I Told You This Was A Good Spot


“It feels like words have never been so important – those written in the press, posted across social media and in speeches from our politicians. In volatile times words can be dangerous.”

Barnaby Barford


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Installation view of The Tower of Babel at the V&A

The top product designer’ s use of ceramics fuses contemporary application with tradition: his humorous use of language and content is a dynamic rare blend that sets him apart from his generations. His unique design style is highly distinctive and provides a critical commentary of western contemporary culture.


Land of Hope & Glory




The Apple Tree

His research explores the fundamental questions driving human nature in terms of morality, the conflict between good or evil, lack of happiness, and society’s incessant need for growth. Ironic, isn’t it? In confronting what the top product designer sees as uncomfortable truths about contemporary society, Barnaby Barford decided that the viewers of his creative work should find themselves in his craftsmanship pieces.


The Big Win Part 1


Tottenham Fox 01


Truth Lies (Pink)

Although Barnaby Barford produces work in a wide variety of materials, he consistently returns to ceramics, utilizing mass and industrial production processes.


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