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100 Top Product Designer: Anna Karlin

Anna Karlin studied visual communication at Central Saint Martins and Glasgow School of Art, then joined a London design studio that was behind the branding and graphics for some fashion, music, and beauty brands. The top product designer moved to New and continued working in the art direction. Two years later, she decided to branch into furniture design and founded her own design studio. As a self-taught, but buoyed by the fact that she had built countless temporary sets, Anna Karlin is recognized for being of the best contemporary furniture and product designers: One Hundred Edition presents to you some of her models.


“I have zero ideas about how I’m going to make each new thing that I design, but I know I’ll figure it out. Being self-taught is actually a really good thing because I’m never like, oh that’s not going to work or that’s too difficult or that’s a bad idea because technically, this is all a massively bad idea.”

Anna Karlin


Curved Chase


Dimple Lamp


Hanging Mirror

“My inspiration came from a mix of conversation between art and design. I’m interested in finding my place in that space and what it means to me. It’s something I need to give myself the time to explore.”

Anna Karlin


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Intervention Floor Lamp


Layered Planters


Milk Day Bed

Anna Karlin is a true designer, working across mediums from digital and print to interiors and set design. Her design philosophy is to create a world of beautifully designed and crafted objects. Her unique design pieces cleverly marry fine American craftsmanship with modern production techniques.


Parchment Nesting Tables


Spear Pendant Light – Small


W Table


Layered Mirror

Her design studio encompasses everything from digital and print to interiors and set design. Whether a statement lighting fixture or fine jewelry, Anna Karlin‘s work is a masterful study in sophistication, rebellion, and rare beauty.


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