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100 Top Product Designer: Ado Chale

Born in Brussels in 1928, Ado Chale is a Belgian artist and a top product designer. Recognized for his exquisite and marvelous mosaic inlays, his modern furniture pieces are a pure reference to the natural world, not only through the use of precious stones, metals, and organic materials, but also through the textures, patterns, and forms they express. One Hundred Edition begins the 100 Top Product Designers with this creative mind who combines pieces of wood and minerals to create majestic craftsmanship masterpieces.

“My designs have succeeded each other and have evolved over my discoveries, mostly in mineralogy, iron bronze and aluminum. Technical constraints have constantly pushed my development.”


He opened his first contemporary art gallery in 1962, exhibiting jewelry and small side tables adorned with his unique inlay and sourced various gems and rocks via international travel. His creative and iconic work has been displayed at the Ixelles Museum in Belgium, in France at the Museum of Fine Arts in Nancy and the Palais des Papes in Avignon.


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Modern art and contemporary design are the sources of inspiration for all his work and the outstanding nature of his conceptions soon attracted clients such as the Belgian Royal family and numerous prestigious interior designers and art collectors.

Ado Chale’s tables, sculptures, bowls, and other objects express an interest in the expansive possibilities of the natural world. The top product designer incorporates a wide variety of materials, textures, and forms in his work. He creates rich mosaics made of wood, stone, metal spread across the surface of tables, preserving the visibility of the carefully selected materials.


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