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Presenze by Studio Nucleo is a console table created for the Nilufar Gallery in Milan and its product design was intended to represent a “ghost of an object”, explains Robino, the director of the Italian design studio.

This luxury furniture piece was designed by Piergiorgio Robino and Alice Carlotta Occleppo as a request of the Nilufar Gallery, presented during the Milan Design Week. The product design was inspired by the dualism “presence and absence”, “appearance and immateriality” and “historical and afterlife forms”.

This console table was the first luxury furniture piece to be born for the Presenze collection. All of the pieces from the collection are made with resin, which represents the dualism concept of Presenze with its fascinating transition from liquid to solid. This concept of dualism was born after the studio had realized how console tables have become a rare piece of furniture within the contemporary design. This is why the team of designers decided to create a luxury furniture piece as a memory or a ghost.


In what concerns the color of this product design, the idea was to look as if it is draining the color from its surroundings. The yellow tones of the console table were chosen in order to pick up the frescoes and mosaics at the Palazzo Durini, where it was exhibited during the Milan Design Week.

The first Presenze console gave origin to other product designs but also to consoles of several other colors from the same collection. With this brilliant collection, the design studio intends to influence its viewers’ perceptions of both themselves and also their surroundings.

The Presenze seems not assembled and that’s another of its strong characteristics.  Each cube is like a fragment, which gives the sense of deconstruction. The luxury furniture piece uses standard 5x5cm cubes, which are cast in epoxy resign and all together create the console table. They are all assembled by hand, giving thus a balance between body and space.

These cubes express the idea of the state of transience, which matches the “ghostly” concept. Additionally, the colors of each cube transmit the exact same “ghostly” idea, with some blocks having a milky quality and others completely transparent.


Studio Nucleo

The design studio was founded in 1997 in Torino, Italy. Nucleo is a collective work of artists in several fields, such as contemporary art, product design, and architecture. It was founded by Piergiorgio Robino, Stefania Fersini, Alice Carlotta Occleppo and Alexandra Denton. The studio is often inspired by and often evokes in their creations the comparisons between the past, the present and the future. Some of their most outstanding projects are Presenze (2013), Wood Fossil (2013) and Petroglyph Fossil (2013).



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