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Oitoemponto means in Portuguese “eight o’clock precisely” and is the name of one of the most prominent design firms in Europe. The top interior designers studio, Oitoemponto, emerged in 1992 from the perfect alchemy between two strikingly different but terribly complementary personalities. Based in Porto the design agency enjoys pampering its refined clientele with tailor-made interiors.  Vintage glamour and modern flamboyance define the work of Jacques Bec and Artur Miranda.

Artur Miranda studied law for three years before being allowed to enroll as a fashion student and follow his passion for design. This experience from the world of fashion and design, he sets himself apart by his decidedly modern vision of decoration.  Influence of the Scandinavian style after living in northern Europe for a while He creates the most unexpected combinations, while at the same time raising and developing an innate sense of color.

Jacques Bec, born in Paris, brings to the duo a refreshing enthusiasm and the French touch as well as the precious know-how acquired on his first job for the creative studio of Japanese watchmaker Seiko. Together, the two top interior designers have already created sublime decors for dozens of lucky people

Each production is the fruit of long hours of coordination, during which the lifestyle of the client is examined in minute detail in order to create an optimum match for their needs and wishes.

“The circulation and internal workings of a house are what interests us the most,” said Jacques Bec. in an interview to 1stDibs website “It’s the core of our work. Often, architects begin with the exterior, whereas we do the opposite. We start with the interiors and the form of the building is derived from them.”

The top interior designers are exporting more and more their luxurious universe. Everything that the design duo creates is impeccable and honestly chic, the colors sometimes play hide and seek but are always there.

According to their close friend, the furniture designer Hervé Van der Straeten, “The universes they create evoke the timeless decor of the James Bond films and the pared-down, joyful modernity of the sixties.”



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