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100 Top Interior Designers : Jean-Louis Deniot


The Paris-base architect and interior designer Jean-Louis Deniot is one of the most influential interior designers of nowadays. Constantly featured in top interior designer lists of prestigious publications such as Elle Decor or Architectural Digest, the designer is known for his eclectic interiors that brilliantly combined classic element with contemporary design.

His projects are splendidly layered, cleverly combining patterns, textures, colours, and furniture and art pieces from different periods with refined elegance.

“In my works, I use mostly handmade materials and finishes. Every surfaces and finish I use comes from great and unique artisans. Each Atelier provides unbelievable high-level craftsmanship, they have the knowledge, the experience and together you create the magic.”

Jean Louis Deniot’s interiors always look to find the sweet spot between exuberance and simplicity, constantly with a touch of sophistication and his trademark exquisite use of luxury design pieces.

Through the years the top interior designer also dedicated to the design of furniture and lighting with multiple collections in collaboration with some of the biggest names in the business.

Creating unique atmospheres while retaining a sense of utmost chic and timeless elegance.

“I only work on inspiring projects in collaboration with inspiring clients. In order to express myself creatively, I must feel comfortable in every aspect. I choose projects that fit my career path and that will get me to the next level.”

Jean-Louis Deniot projects mainly touch private properties and commercial spaces for clients located around the world: Paris, London, Monaco, Milan, Dubai, Moscow, New York, among others. The top interior designer has earned a status of the master of modern French Interiors.

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