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Spanish artist-designer Jaime Hayon is commonly accepted as one of the best interior designers in the world. His style is inspired by the skateboard culture and graffiti art, which has become the foundation of the detailed, bold-yet-whimsical imagery so imminent in his work.

Jaime Hayon studied industrial design in Madrid and also in Paris. After his studies, in 1997 he joined Fabrica, which is the Benetton-funded design and communication academy in Italy. Here he was the director of the design department until 2003 and had the opportunity to work close to the legendary image-maker and agitator Oliviero Toscani. Even though he created his own design studio in the year of 2000, it was only after 2003 that Hayon started to dedicate himself completely to his personal projects. Today he is one of the most acclaimed creators worldwide and that’s why we invite you to take a look at some of his stunning interior design projects. Enjoy and get inspired!

Hotel Barceló Torre De Madrid

Jaime Hayon broke out on his own, first with his collections of designer toys, ceramics and furniture, only later followed by interior design and installations.

Lladró Shop Madison NYC

Hayon’s esteem and knowledge of artisan skills and his inherent creativity have allowed him to push the boundaries of many mediums and functions.

Nirav Modi Flagship Boutique

His work has appeared in the most prestigious art and design publications worldwide.

Groninger Museum

Time magazine included Hayon as one of the 100 most relevant creators of these times and CovetED magazine also chose him as one of the Top Interior Designers of 2017.

Octium Jewelry

Jaime Hayon has offices in Italy, Spain and Japan, and he is always looking for challenges and different perspectives.



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