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One of the 100 Top Interior Designers selected is Dimore Studio, a Milan based studio founded by Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran in 2003.

The studio started as a small interior design studio as a cult place for only an elite group of experts, transformed over time into a globally celebrated phenomenon.

Emiliano Salci is from Tuscany, Italy, and Britt Moran is from the United States. As Moran started out his career as a graphic designer, Salci worked as a furniture designer and subsequently made his first steps in the fashion industry.

Their research is mostly driven by their personal sensibility fused with an uninhibited yet extremely controlled eclectic approach resulting in precious and dreamy atmospheres. In Italian, the word “Dimore” means abodes or dwellings, but it also evokes nostalgia.

When they started out, the pair occupied a single room and employed just one assistant. Today, they oversee a staff of 20 in a 2,100-square-foot space. Their work is internationally renowned for having worked with major names in the design and fashion industry.

Moran and Salci have collaborated with Hermès and Bottega Veneta; designed the hip Casa Fayette hotel in Guadalajara, Mexico; imagined menswear brand Boglioli’s first US flagship (in Noho), and created a range of covetable furniture pieces for Cappellini.

“With every project that we begin and that we approach and we accept to do, we’re always very enthusiastic about the project itself”. “Usually the people who contact us already know our work very well, and immediately we are able to create a relationship with them. So it does become a  bit emotional for us as well” “Emotional in good ways and bad ways. Because obviously, we confront ourselfs with the client often, so there’s a lot of emotion around the project itself”- says Britt Moran to Interiors Magazine.

In February 2014 they transformed their apartment into a gallery for the furniture collection they’ve designed and decamped to a new space in Milan, which overlooks the garden of Piero Portaluppi’s modernist masterpiece, Villa Necchi.

“There’s a perpetual link [in their work] between the past and the future,”

Their trademark is the moves between art, design, fashion, and architecture that spans from the Art Deco to the 1970’s. They combine different materials and areas maintaining a dialogue between the past and the contemporary. they tend to use rich materials as silk and velvet, unusual colors from dusty tones to jewel-like hues. The duo launched their first textile collection in 2016.

The most recent projects include: “New fashion Boutiques in Tokyo and London and residential projects in New York, Vienna and Lugano. The property in Lugano is a modern new building for an art collector.” accordingly to Elle Decor UK. Dimore Studio interprets memories and creates dreams. Crosses the boundaries between art and design, fashion and architecture.

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