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100 Top Interior Designer: Tom Dixon

Born in Tunisia, Tom Dixon is a British top designer who is known across the globe: his creative works have been acquired by international contemporary museums including the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Museum of Modern Art in New York and also the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. Tom Dixon’s main goal as a product designer and as one of the best interior designers is to revive the British furniture industry: to improve this, the creative artist is inspired by the nation’s heritage and craftsmanship.

About his job, Tom Dixon has his own definition:

“It’s a slightly different job every day: sometimes I’m involved in the communication or the packaging or the factory management or the engineering of an object. I like that it’s multidisciplinary. I think any designer who is sold is interested in stuff beyond the pure shape-making of an object, which itself could be called sculpture, really. Unless you’re truly a super-functional engineering designer, I think the shape-making is one aspect of it, but increasingly it’s also about the functionality, which is obviously imperative, and beyond that, there are all kinds of other aspects, like creating desire or making an object cheaper to make or easier to transport.”

Tom Dixon

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As a famous product designer, Tom Dixon explored the decorative and structural potential of recycled materials and industrial scrap. Some of his favored materials at this time included railings, concrete reinforcement bars, car inner tubing, and saucepans.

Also recognized for his modern interior design projects, Dixon is an icon, a self-educated maverick whose every move is followed passionately by the unique design, fashion and art world. Furthermore, the top interior designer believes that contemporary design colors the world. At the moment, Dixon acts as the Creative Director of Artek, as the Tom Dixon brand and also belongs to the Design Embassy at the London ICA.

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