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100 Top Interior Designer: Thierry Lemaire

Thierry Lemaire is a French architect and interior designer who has been opened up his horizons and enriched his palette to create his distinct style that today, draws him towards the interior and furniture design in France and all around the world. His signature style is about sculptural and oversized pieces, brilliantly luxurious, a sense of glamour pushed to the extreme, a vision of luxury that is ultra-comfortable in the spirit of the 1970s. One Hundred Edition brings to you some inspiring design projects by Thierry Lemaire: take a look and get amazed!

Modern architect. One of the best interior designers. Focused on the aesthetic. Thierry Lemaire is the perfect combination of these three definitions. For the past twenty years, Lemaire has magnificently created amazing settings of deluxe apartments and private houses. In addition to his love for the 20th and 21st century decorative arts, he also strives to showcase contrasts.


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As a multi-faceted designer professional, Lemaire also designs and creates modern furniture with lines and materials that are both high-quality and innovative. Providing a modernist style in every interior design project he builds, Thierry Lemaire makes sure to concentrate all his unique design inspirations and artistic identity.

The top interior designer is also expressed through his scenography, where everything that he conceives is imprinted with a strong and powerful signature: Thierry Lemaire shares a massive passion for the 20th and 21st-century decorative arts, where he loves to mix and display stylish contrasts. There’s nothing better for the interior designer than to find an ambiance of simplicity, but also including the most sophisticated and erudite elements.

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