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100 Top Interior Designer: Taylor Howes

Founded in 1993, Taylor Howes design studio is actually one of the best interior design firms instituted by the brilliant and award-winning Karen Howes, who has built up a blue-chip reputation for creating interior design projects of distinction. If you are a design-lover, One Hundred Edition presents to you some of the unique design works by Taylor Howes: pick your favorite and get amazed by such creativity!

Considered as one of the best design inspirations from the United Kingdom, Taylor Howes offers a big range of private clients, hoteliers and property developers. Besides this, the design studio is recognized by its amazing modern interior design projects, especially in London.

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Also, with a variety of contemporary design projects in the Middle East, the South of France and Connecticut, the British design studio has built up an enviable reputation across the design industry for artistic excellence and for the emphasis it places on engendering good relationships through its caring service.

Indeed, the English design studio concentrates on giving their clients an interior design project that is truly personal to them, also bearing in mind the timeless elegance that defines them. These phenomenally contemporary interior design projects featuring unique details and modern furniture pieces are functional but also are true eye-catching artworks.

Each modern interior project designed is implanted with the core values of this practice: passion, honesty, and kindness, personalized as a piece of art or couture. It is precisely this expression of unique design that has seen international clients become faithful followers of Taylor Howes with each new contemporary home, private office, luxury hotel or international investment.

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Photos: Courtesy by Taylor Howes

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