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100 Top Interior Designer: Susanna Cots

Susanna Cots is a Catalan top interior designer with a distinctive talent for designing spaces that expunge the borders between contrasts and balance all the components of good and unique design in search of comfort and sophistication. Inside each of her interior design projects, it is possible to see the emotions and a slow philosophy as the root of all creation. That’s why One Hundred Edition wants to show you more about one of the best interior designers and architects in Spain and some of her contemporary design projects where you can see understandable metaphors and comfortable divergences.

She set up her studio in 2001 and it is currently located in the heart of the Empordà, in Barcelona. In 2014 she opened a second design studio in Hong Kong that increases her international profile. Years after, in 2018 she began work on her most striving personal project, her home-studio in Peratallada where she shares her perception of nature, art, modern design and the beauty of the imperfection.

During her stunning career, she has been fused her position on the international scene with publications in more than 30 countries and awards such as “Best Architect and Interior Design Studio” (Luxury Lifestyle Awards, 2017) and the “Award for Excellence” (Lux Life Awards, 2018).

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As you can see in each of these interior design projects, Susanna Cots’s work is a balance that emerges from between the space and the emotions and visual comfort is apparent in a natural and imperceptible manner. All her work transcends the interior design universe: with passion, she has carved out a place in the ephemeral world of design by her simplicity and constancy.

Working with emotions, her constant work’s improvement drives the designer. She plays with the light and fine materials and the layout of the interior design projects in order to get the right emotions out of the place. As a top interior designer, Susanna is an analytic and careful professional, taking in consideration any thoughts of her work.

About her inspiration: Suzanna prefers listening to her intuition and going with the flow. That’s why her work is so unique!

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