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100 Top Interior Designer: Studio Munge

Founded by the Italian top interior designer Alessandro Munge, the Studio Munge is a design studio based in Toronto that has established a reputation for masterful storytelling through unique design. With a marvelous experience of experiences imagining and creating striking modern interior design projects, each creative work built by Studio Munge is a result of their inspiration and passion: One Hundred Edition presents to you some of these superb interior design projects to get you amazed.

The inquisitive nature and quest for the perfect solution have driven Studio Munge onto the international stage. All these contemporary interior design projects are a great example of that.

“I Built A Studio Where Disciplines Are Free To Think For Themselves, Driven By Curiosity And Passion.”

Alessandro Munge


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The design studio led by Alessandro Munge is incessantly defining a new era of luxury interiors adding authentic personality design stories.  Through the years, Studio Munge implemented important and relevant partnerships with a global roster of top hospitality brands, condominium and residential developers, and contemporary architects.

One of their most remarkable projects is the Akira Back, a modern restaurant with a contemporary interior design featuring luxury furniture pieces and craftsmanship masterpieces with an exclusive design.

Driven to creating a memorable unique design, the inspiration of this design studio always comes from attending and recollecting memories captured around the world. Each project has an own identity and a single design philosophy, offering the best of craftmanship alongside the most sophisticated materials and the most exclusive techniques.

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