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100 Top Interior Designer: Studio KO

Studio KO is a remarkable and recognized design studio founded by Karl Fournier and Olivier Marty, two top interior designers who created their own modern architecture and contemporary design agency. With offices in Paris, London and Marrakesh, Studio KO has one mission: to seduce and to captivate the world with their unique and personal clean architectural lines, focusing always on local, natural materials and craftsmanship. One Hundred Edition brings to you, a true design-lover, more information about them: take a look and get amazed by their creative works!


The design studio defends a contemporary architecture and a modern interior design that mirrors tradition and innovation, using clean lines and characteristic materials like stone, wood or hammered iron: in each of these interior design projects, Studio KO favors the texture and rejects the smooth.

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Studio KO also echoes the eternal aesthetics of the founders. Karl Fournier and Olivier Marty have been building and creating interior design projects all over Europe, Morocco and the United States of America for more than ten years. Known for their free spirit where eclectic and modern styles act as one, each contemporary interior design project tells a marvelous narrative art, where space, light, and materials are the principal characters.


The design studio works to emphasize the spirit of the place. Some of their most remarkable modern architecture and interior design projects are the Saint Laurent Museum, inaugurated in October 2017 in Marrakesh and stunning monolithic and quiet villas in the heat and light of Morocco and southern France.

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