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100 Top Interior Designer: Sarah Lavoine

Known as one of the Paris’ best interior designers, Sarah Lavoine’s unique design spirit is considered alive, natural and energetic. Lavoine has a specific style and the contemporary interior design projects she designs always make us wonder how to add remarkable and extraordinary details in order to produce a relaxing and chic environment, the same way she does so effectively.

The decorating ideas of the French top interior designer are inspirational. Furthermore, there is no limit to where Lavoine’s design spirit will take her.

Since launching her own design studio in 2002, Sarah Lavoine has opened two Parisian stores and produced a range of home furnishings. Besides this, she also designs a collection for French porcelain house Bernardaud, which is featured at Barneys New York

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According to the top interior designer, there is nothing worse than when an entire room – or worse, an entire house – is designed with one theme all over. In each of her modern interior design projects, Lavoine uses similar principles and never avoids the ordinary and works the total look. Sarah Lavoine does her best and knows how to mix and combine different items.

In her interior design projects, Lavoine offers the Parisian taste, contemporary aesthetics, and the best of fine craftsmanship. Some of the most incredible contemporary interior design projects have been featured in the New York Times, Vogue and Elle Décor.

Sarah Lavoine defended a new art of French living, which, combined with her talent passion for color, magnifies living areas entrusted to it. For this same reason, her interior design projects featuring modern furniture pieces are appreciated all over the world.

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