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100 Top Interior Designer: Pepe Leal

Since 1996, Pepe Leal has established himself as one of the best interior designers in the world, rising values ​​of modern interior design and decoration and carrying interior design projects of great reputation. The top interior designer has a degree in Art History and he is passionate about fashion, fine craftsmanship and unique materials. One Hundred Edition provides to you, dear design-lover, all the information you need to know about Pepe Leal. Take a look and get inspired by his creative and impressive works!

Inspired by the latest fashion and design trends, the top Spanish interior designer believes that bespoke interior design is like a unique artwork. Known for having the “Midas Touch”, everything that Pepe Leal designs becomes not just marvelous, but also very successful. The majority of his contemporary interior design projects are modern hotels, luxury restaurants, and commercial buildings. In each project created by this top interior designer, it is possible to feel a relaxed and timeless elegance.


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Owner of his showroom, Pepe Leal is also a product designer. His rule of design is to understand the rules and then break them. The main goal of the top interior designer is to give a sense of history, making each interior design project a little more functional and natural. The lighting in his creative works is always well organized: inside a modern interior design project by Pepe Leal, you can see how one simple candlelight can reign all the space.

Between his most contemporary design projects, we select the restaurant of Japanese food “Chic Sushi”, Huerta de Carabaña, and the striking old Greenhouse in the Los Peñotes garden center in La Moraleja.

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