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100 Top Interior Designer: Matteo Nunziati

Recognized as one of the most important and remarkable international modern architects and best interior designers of his generation, Matteo Nunziati is a great example of a design professional who’s had it for the arts since the beginning. The top interior designer was born in Bologna in 1972. In 2000, he opened a design studio in Milan called “Studio Matteo Nunziati”. His services include interior design projects, interior space planning, contemporary architecture, modern furniture with a unique design, lighting and covering supplier selection, on-site coordination.

In the world of modern design, he is known for designing the Trump Towers, but One Hundred Edition wants to help you to discover more about this Italian designer: we introduce you unique and stunning interior design projects created by Nunziati.

Since the inauguration of his own design studio, Nunziati’s work has been recognized and celebrated worldwide. His creative projects are all very exclusive, always with the most aesthetical and technical quality standards. For all these reasons, the top interior designer’s work is an inspiration and all his projects are brilliant.

About all the design process and creative path to the final product: on the base of success, there are three fundamental aspects for Matteo Nunziati: the first is an honest, passionate pursuit of beauty. The design process of his design studio is developed and built considering the precious importance of the aesthetic and emotional value of any interior design project.

The second aspect is the strong connection with reality. Any architecture or interior design project is planned for the person who will make use of the space, keeping in focus the geographical, cultural, social and economic environment in which it will be accomplished.

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The third point to obtain a huge success in a project is the attention to quality in every detail. His design projects, exclusive and improved by the skillful selection of materials and furnishings, usually chosen from the production excellence of Made in Italy design, have been published in the major Italian and international magazines.

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