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100 Top Interior Designer: Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Famous for his unique range of styles and by his eclectic yet sophisticated interior design projects, Martyn Lawrence Bullard is a Los Angeles-based top interior designer who builds and creates opulent designs celebrating the diverse skill and unique craftsmanship of cultures around the globe. Influenced by different cultures, One Hundred Edition presents some remarkable and marvelous projects by Martyn Lawrence Bullard. Take a look and get to know more the top interior designer!

In each of these interior design projects, Martyn Lawrence Bullard demonstrates how to bring a sense of luxury and glamour into spaces designed for comfort and modern living. Luxury bedrooms, contemporary living rooms, and magnificent houses: inside of these spaces it is possible to see his ability to mix a broad range of styles in eclectic, glamorous, yet always relaxed and comfortable interiors.

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With special attention to detail, systematic use of color and new textures, and references to history, the top interior designer is known for his commitment to high quality. Taking inspirations through travels around the world, all his interior design projects are a mirror of experiences.

Bullard’s inspiring mix of styles comprises exotic chic to luxuriant modern. Furthermore, each modern interior design created by Martyn is the result of his unique aesthetic along with his love of all places and periods of decorative style. Mixing luxury and comfort, according to him: “I really believe a good interior is a comfortable space you walk into, and you automatically feel like you can sit down and relax like it’s got arms around you.”

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