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100 Top Interior Designer: Martin Kemp

Martin Kemp is a highly creative top interior designer and a creative mind who is responsible for producing some of the world’s finest solutions for interiors, architecture, furniture, and product. Recognized as the founder of the Martin Kemp Design, a design studio that is focused on the super-prime residential market and other fields such as high-end retail, office, and restaurant design. Are you curious to discover more about one of the best interior designers in the world? Luxury design, sophistication, and symbols of exclusivity: take a look at some of the most remarkable interior design projects created by Martin Kemp.


Based in London, the top interior designer has been creating some of the planet’s finest and gorgeous solutions for interiors, architecture, superyachts, private jets, modern cars, luxury furniture, and exclusive products. Together with his design studio, Martin is truly capable of delivering incomparable results and modern design works.


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Martin Kemp has special attention to detail, craftsmanship and artistic interpretation excel in creating a bespoke, timeless and elegant aesthetic across a multitude of interior design projects. Alongside with his team, they give value working hand in hand with their clients and developing an understanding interior for the lifestyle, personal taste, and vision of the client letting to generate a bespoke scheme, with attractive detailing to guarantee that a truly captivating space. Take a look at these luxury interior design projects? All of them are really stunning!

The design studio owned by the top interior designer is known as a luxury brand, where its clients expect an extremely high level of sophistication and finish: Martin Kemp Design is revered as one of the leaders of style and originality. Martin provides supreme bespoke home design ideas that can range from understated country elegance to dynamic city chic, showcasing the very best in creativity with a wide range of styling combining seamlessly into every unique design.


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