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100 Top Interior Designer: Humbert et Poyet

Humbert et Poyet is a stylish pair and an established design studio since 2008: Emil Humbert is an architect and Christophe Poyet  is an interior designer – both trained in Paris, they were design and fashion devotees who decided to use their design skills and creativity tools to provide and to offer a range of unique design services from construction to contemporary interior design. One Hundred Edition presents to you some of the most remarkable and stunning interior design projects by Humbert et Poyet.

Recognized and known as top interior designers, their modern design projects focus on elegant and scrupulous plans to create and to produce timeless spaces using premium materials such as stone, wood, and bronze. Furthermore, the most significant aspect is to reflect the client’s personality and respect the soul of the place.

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The design studio believes that every unique design project has to be designed like a movie set: comparable to stage design, all the decoration should carry the viewer, making one feel like they’re onstage within the theme of the design. Besides this, Humbert et Poyet create a scene with the best lighting and the best decor for the right story featuring modern furniture pieces with a contemporary design.

Evident in their work is an inclination toward understated opulence, resulting in the preparation of spaces that are elegant yet firmly of the moment. Above all, they aim to generate an emotion that can be interpreted into features, volumes, materials and general aesthetics.

With a passion for art and a great interest in craftsmanship, which has an important place in their achievements, Humbert et Poyet’s main goal, as top interior designers, is to communicate the personality of their clients within the designs while also taking into consideration the nature of the space.

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