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100 Top Interior Designer: Guilherme Torres

Directly from Brazil, Guilherme Torres is one of the Latins Best Interior Designers in the world and one of the most recognized professionals for his creative works full of personality and modernity. With a degree of poetic license, having part of it poured onto his skin – “Wok it harder, better, faster, make it over”: this is the message of one of his tattoos and is his main life motto and a way of celebrating his design work. Do you want to discover more about this top interior designer? One Hundred Edition presents a curated selection of some of his modern interior design projects.


The contemporary architect and top interior designer founded his design studio in 2001 bearing his name, loves to work surrounded by creative and enthusiastic youngsters. The Studio Guilherme has currently a varied group of associates.

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Guilherme Torres, as one of the best interior designers in the world, has a multidisciplinary group of high professionals working with him to create and to produce marvelous and contemporary design projects: from photographers to engineers, from architects to interior designers, all the design studio offers the best conditions to handle client interior design projects in different and immersive ways never explored before: this is the secret to generate these unique design projects!

When designing a building, Guilherme Torres produces not only the images, but he also makes all the sales material and the entire visual programming. Furthermore, when designing houses and its interior design featuring modern furniture pieces, Guilherme Torres helps with the choice of terrain to the delivery of the construction site with simultaneously designed interiors.

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