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100 Top Interior Designer: François Champsaur

François Champsaur was born in Marseille and is recognized for being one of the best interior designers of his generation. Influenced by his Mediterranean roots, during his marvelous career, he builds stunning interior design projects with the spirit of space featuring luxury furniture pieces with a modern design. One Hundred Edition offers to you some of the most outstanding unique design projects produced by François Champsaur: take a look and get impressed by his amazing talent!

Craftily playing with light and volume to balance the space design, François Champsaur’s contemporary design and style were combined with the choice of fabrics and stylish objects to enhance a sensation of well-being and intimacy. As a recognized top interior designer and architect, François Champsaur plays with contrasts, lights, colors, materials, and advocates fine craftsmanship.

“The function is still there, but people can tell what they want, it is the aesthetics that takes precedence. It is the intensity of form, the energy of materials, the soul of the object and the hand of a man that interests me. I like to respect the place, to inscribe in its history, but also to violate it, to confer it of the modernity”

François Champsaur


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François Champsaur evolves by working on subjects that the enthusiast while remaining demanding with himself to better satisfy his customers. It is also the intensity of the projects that interests him. He likes to work which is less decorative but more powerful, always looking to work with natural materials.

The intensity, the energy of the materials, the objects are the aspects that interest him. From his earliest interior design projects, François has displayed his ability to transform any space, considering each and every aspect from an architectural angle to the last detail. He intelligently reworks space, playing with light and volume, and completes the set with both elegant and contemporary furniture and fabrics.

The top interior designer works every detail with attention to elicit emotions. For him, the design is first and foremost a sensory experience. He always develops a new project in line with the spirit of the space and creates furniture and luminaires consistent with contemporary design. Each modern design project created by François Champsaur is very simple but poetic.


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