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100 Top Interior Designer: Cristina Celestino

Cristina Celestino is a top architect and interior designer who works as a creative director for exclusive brands. She is a good example of a designer who goes by the philosophy of concentrating her creative work on research and observation. Currently, Cristina Celestino works and lives in Milan. In each of her interior design projects, she always takes the potential of shapes, furniture, and functions, also building a connection between fashion, art, and design: One Hundred Edition presents to you some of these wonderful projects.

About her striking and creative work, the Milan-based designer says: “There’s always a touch of irony.” Humor and beauty lie in the details. In 2009, she moved to Milan, founding her own modern furniture brand Attico Design and in 2012 she was selected to take part in the Salone Satellite. One of her most remarkable moments during her design career, on the occasion of DesignMiami/ 2016, Cristina Celestino was responsible to design “The Happy Room” collection for Fendi, one luxury furniture brand.


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As one of the best interior designers and architects, Cristina Celestino creates high-class projects for private clients and companies. Her artistic work also spreads to creative direction for companies and the design of interiors and displays. Her design work is based on observation and research, plumbing the potential of the shapes, functions and going beyond the old-style relations between fashion, art, and design.

As a contemporary soul, Cristina Celestino feeds a fervent interest for the old and the new, the traditional and the contemporary in her interior design projects.

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