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100 Top Interior Designer: Campana Brothers

Fernando and Humberto Campana are Campana Brothers, two Brazilian top interior and product designers whose creative work combines the idea of transformation, revolution, and reinvention. Their design studioEstudio Campana – is one of the most recognized in Brazil and Latin America: they usually work with local communities, factories, and industries to generate unique design pieces that rejoice the bright colors and rich textures of their native country. One Hundred Edition brings to you a curated selection of the best international contemporary design names: the Campana Brothers are one of them.

Inspired by Brazilian street life and carnival culture, the Campana Brothers mixes found everyday objects, like scraps of wood and furry toys, with advanced technology to make a vibrant, energetic and specifically Brazilian approach to modern design.

“The design that we do is a fusion between the countryside and the urban side, and that was very important because we used to create our own toys.”

Campana Brothers

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The Brazilian Brothers give preciousness to underprivileged, mundane or common materials translating them into modern furniture, installations, contemporary interior design projects or unique products. Their main goal as designers is to express their American South’s soul and roots through elements as color, textures and creative productions.

In each interior design project, the process of transformation started with an injection of energy: all contemporary projects created by Campana Brothers present a vibrant and captivating atmosphere featuring striking details that can get amazed every design-lover.

Their stunning artworks as product designers are exhibited at the world’s great modern museums: Museum of Modern Art in New York, Vitra Design Museum in Germany, Museum of Art in Israel, Museum of Fine Art in Canada, Pinakothek Art Museum in Germany, Museum of Art in Philadelphia and also in the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris.

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