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100 Shanghai: 10 Famous Hospitality Architects of Shanghai


We’ve already listed 10 of the most amazing architects working in Shanghai, but now we have to list 10 amazing Shanghai-based architects that are known for developing amazing hospitality projects!


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Aedas Shanghai

Aedas is the world’s only local and global architecture and design practice driven by global sharing of research, local knowledge, and international practice. Our 1,400 creative minds with design studios across the globe create world-class design solutions with a deep social and cultural understanding of the communities we design for.


B+H is another design giant that chose Shanghai as one of the places to establish an office as well as take on several interior design projects. This is another example of a design firm deeply involved with the global market, aiming to design bold and inspiring spaces for clients of several locations.


DL Architecture

DL Architecture is a prestigious design firm based in Shanghai that has been proudly recognized in the list of the 100 best architects in China for three consecutive times. Founded by Domitilla Lepri, this firm shares two headquarters in Rome and Shanghai, completed by an incredible team of experts on architecture and interior design. Blending the culture of Shanghai and Rome, they specialize in delivering a conceptual design style for many residential, commercial, offices and hospitality projects.


HKS Architects

HKS Architects is another global design firm present in several places such as London, Miami, Orlando, NY, Singapore, and of course Shanghai. In the case of the office located in Shanghai, aside from counting with a team of 1350 employees, since 2010, they have had an approach with several state-of-the-art design methods regarding their challenges.



HWCD (Harmony World Consultant and Design) is a very well-known international design practice, based in Shanghai, but with offices located in London and Barcelona. Since its creation, this company always had a goal set of creating a global practice firmly deeply rooted in the communities they tackle. With a team of over 500 design specialists, they have taken on several design projects, including urban design, commercial design, art consulting and even boutique hotels.


Kokaistudios consists of a company first created by Italian architects Filippo Gabbiani & Andrea Destefanis in 2000, which would later evolve with the creation of a Shanghai office in 2002. This is the perfect example of a truly multicultural firm that has managed to establish a global presence with a series of projects in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and North America.

MRT Design

Created in 1995, MRT Design is an architectural and interior design studio with a deep experience regarding retail and public projects all of which are located throughout greater China. Their work has also been mentioned in prestigious publications in the country, some of them being Interior Design China, AD, Elle, id+c, and Surface.


Spark Architects

Spark is a Shanghai, Singapore, and London based architecture firm, that shares a large number of services, focusing on architecture, urbanism, interior design, landscape design, research, and branding. Their goal is to establish incredible settings through an innovative, stimulating vibe that have already gained them award-winning buildings. Throughout Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, they have displayed great and eccentric buildings.

Studio Shanghai

Studio Shanghai is an architecture and design studio that shares an incredible belief in the creation of habitable structures, as a functional and inspiring setting. In order to establish the most amazing displays, they balance the power of the culture, climate, physical and spiritual elements, as well as flora and fauna of the region

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