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100 Shanghai – 10 Amazing Design Projects in Shanghai

100 Shanghai - 10 Amazing Design Projects in Shanghai
100 Shanghai - 10 Amazing Design Projects in Shanghai

The Best Interior Design Projects in Shanghai benefit from being in one of the few cities in the world that evoke history, excess, glamour, mystic, and exotic promise. The city’s period of greatest cosmopolitan excess – the 1920s and 1930s – left the city with splendid examples of art deco buildings, most of which survived the vicissitudes of the 20th century. Today we bring to you our picks for the Best Interior Design Projects In Shanghai.


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Blackstone Apartment by Nong Studio

The BLACKSTONE EXCHANGE is in the Blackstone Apartment, which is in the former French Concession. It marks the modern architectural classics of Shanghai with an eclectic style. Its design language derived from the traces of Shanghai in the 1930s, when and where it is located. It was flashy and gorgeous, lazy and mysterious, unique and unusual, introverted and self-sustaining. It accepts the infiltration of the western culture but stubbornly maintains the national tradition. There has the golden turntable with double-sighted views. There also has two private boxes with the elements from the Western vault and the Chinese account room. All these scenes show a mysterious reservedness beyond the extravagant.


Fairmont Peace Hotel by HBA

The regal Fairmont Peace Hotel was designed by the illustrious design firm HBA. This studio decided to combine Art Deco glamour with up-to-the-minute indulgence. Located in a prime spot right on Nanjing Road, China’s most famous shopping street, it’s an ideal base from which to explore the variety and excitement of Shanghai.


Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai at Pudong by Wilson Associates

The Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai at Pudong was designed by the prestigious design firm Wilson Associates and, today, its an ideal base for exploring the Pudong district! This hotel is, in fact, an amazing adition to its distinctive skyline and fast-paced, exciting atmosphere!


Grand Hyatt Shanghai by Hunter Douglas

Situated at the Jin Mao Tower, the Grand Hyatt Shanghai is one of the highest hotels in the world! It’s also one of the most luxurious one. The amazing hotel was designed by architectural firm Hunter Douglas. This hotel’s central location in the Lujiazui financial district puts the whole of Shanghai at your feet.


Hunan Lu Villa by Vudafieri-Saverino Partners

Hunan Lu Villa is an exclusive residence located in the French Concession area of Shanghai, which Vudafieri-Saverino Partners has reinterpreted defining an unheard of balance between oriental evocation and western nuances. The project represents a perfect combination between two distinctive traditions – Chinese and western – and of the long history of their relationships: inside antique artefacts, works of art and Chinese ritual spaces coexist in perfect harmony with western “desirable objects”. It is precisely for these characteristics that Hunan Lu Villa has recently been awarded the prize of best project in the Private Housing category at the Archmarathon Awards 2018.


LAGO | Bellagio Shanghai Hotel by Studio Munge

On the sixth floor of the iconic Bellagio Shanghai hotel, LAGO by Julian Serrano is a progressive dining experience featuring fashion-forward interiors, creative Italian cuisine and spectacular views of the Suzhou River. Conceived by Studio Munge, LAGO’s avant-garde interiors juxtaposes Shanghai’s historic Puxi district and infuses the luxurious hotel with electrifying modernity. LAGO embodies Italian Futurismo; a sweeping artistic and cultural movement that focuses on forward-thinking dynamism and experimentation.

Lecoq Gubei by RooMoo Design


RooMoo is happy to release its new Lecoq restaurant in Gubei, Shanghai. Gubei is a charming local district, welcoming families. Frequently, you will see parents taking their kids to school and hear some laughter from a child playing at the playground on the opposite of the street. It is in this context that we designed our restaurant, night bar, and grocery store. It sounds quite like a large place, but those three functions get all together in an 87m2 shop with a 15,7 m2 kitchen.


Nanjing Luxury Villa by MRT Design

MRT design is an architectural and interior design studio with extensive experience in commercial, retail and public projects throughout greater China. Founded in 1995, MRT design has been recognized for its design excellence through awards and features in publications such as Interior Design China, AD, Elle, id+c and Surface. Our strength lies in the ability to match innovative design with project management and construction oversight to deliver to our clients a comprehensive solution to their needs.


Park Hyatt Shanghai by Tony Shi

The amazing interior designer Tony Chi created, alongside his amazing team, the interiors of Park Hyatt Shangai, one of the tallest hotels in the world! If you’re looking for comfort, the Park Hyatt has the largest standard rooms in Shanghai, as well as high ceilings for a spacious feel, and every room is elegantly and luxuriously appointed with a walk-in dressing room.


Royal Pavillion by Steve Leung Design Group

Founded in 1997 by Steve Leung, a renowned architect, interior and product designer, SLD has grown to become one of the largest interior design groups with over 500 employees. Our strong and experienced design and decoration teams provide quality and professional services to clients in Greater China and other parts of the world.

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