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100 Projects: Luxury Manor In Moscow by Elena Krylova

Elena Krylova and her design studio share an overall experience in the interior design field of over 80 years, and it shows! The Russian designer specializes in creating opulent interiors for VIP clients with exquisite tastes, by reinventing the meaning of luxury design. Case in point is this luxury manor in Moscow, featuring over-the-top furniture designs, from some of the world’s most exclusive design brands.

100 Moscow – 10 Contemporary Designers in Moscow


This luxury manor is made in a fusion of different styles, which includes details of modern design, elements of luxurious art deco and a light reference to the Memphis style.

The hall is decorated with natural marble and wood, the layout of which is custom-made according to the drawings of the designers. The geometric pattern creates momentum and refers to the Memphis style.



The central room in the luxury manor is a banquet hall. Because a place for entertaining and gathering loved ones is essential, the area is divided into several functional areas – a dining room that can accommodate up to 14 people and a lounge area with TV. The walls and floor are decorated with natural marble, and the doors and wall panels are made of a veneer of precious wood with inlaid semiprecious stones.



Above the table made of natural marble, a unique lamp made of Murano glass sets the mood. In the TV area, the wall is finished with agate with backlighting, which allows you to create an extraordinary play of light and shadow and fill the room with a noble gloss.


Such an opulent design, calls for the most exquisite furniture design, so naturally, the whole luxury manor is filled with unique Boca do Lobo creations. In this banquet hall, the Lapiaz Console completely steals the show

Lapiaz console takes exceptional craftsmanship and design to a new realm. Finding beauty in the most unexpected places, this contemporary design is inspired by authentic karst formations created by surface dissolution, freezing or thawing of limestone or dolomite rocks.


Gold, nudes and blue are the main colours used which gives to the project a bright and classic sensation. Windows that go from the ceiling to the floor, wash the interior with natural light and gives the feeling of being outside in the middle of beautiful trees and breathing fresh air.


Entering the kitchen, we can see right beside of it a goldish impressive sideboard, by an outrageous door, projected to be the jewel in the crown of the brand Boca do Lobo and a reflection of the furniture jeweller’s expertise and quintessence.


The reflective and shining kitchen has two main areas, the space where it lal begins with an amazing stove, almost like an industrial one in radiant silver colour, right in front of it a contemporary kitchen counter with four amazing stools by Essential Home which fits perfectly the whole scenario. Above the kitchen counter, there’s a fascinating chandelier that goes from one side of the counter to the other one making the area very luminous and elegant.



The other area is where people take pleasure of the cooking, placed right in the centre there’s a dining table surrounded by magnificent Soleil chairs by Boca do Lobo, a synthesis of styles and senses. Inspired by the spirit and mission of the famous Cirque du Soleil, the purpose of these pieces is to invoke, provoke and evoke.



The design of the golden living room is inspired by the imagery of the sun, and its purpose is simple – relaxation. Therefore, everything here is saturated with golden rays. The doors with inlaid stone, handmade panels on the walls, furniture and decor with rounded shapes, built-in lighting – all this creates a feeling of comfort, warmth and peace. In this room of the luxury manor, the Soleil armchair and the Sinuous Console follow the rounded shape trend, with their curvy designs.

Soleil armchair is a synthesis of styles and senses. Inspired by the spirit and mission of the famous Cirque du Soleil, the purpose is to invoke, provoke and evoke. Soft, sultry curves gently embrace the sitter in this elegant vintage and contemporary style sofa. Except for the supreme levels of comfort, the armchair through the brass details perfectly complements the elegant lines of a timeless piece.

Sinuous is made for those who love harmonious lines mixed with exquisite detail. Its design is seductive and lures you into a magical and golden world. To achieve extravagance, Boca do Lobo’s artisans handcrafted the structure in mahogany with a high gloss black lacquer finish and top coated in polished brass plated, bringing up the vivid and bright side of Boca do Lobo.



The luxurious master bathroom is made in the style of dramatic art. Dark shades of marble, muted tones, black plumbing in combination with brass details all converge to a space of total opulent state of mind. The festive Murano glass chandelier completes the interior.




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