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100 Paris – 10 Amazing Design Projects in Paris

Interview With Marco Costa, the CEO of Luxury Brand Boca do Lobo
Interview With Marco Costa, the CEO of Luxury Brand Boca do Lobo

Let us amaze you with 10 Amazing Interior Design Projects in the City of Lights, Paris. From amazing contemporary houses designed by luxury icons to incredible projects designed by amazing interior designers, Paris has a vast selection of incredible interior design projects and these 10 are only our selection!


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Contemporary Penthouse by Boca do Lobo Studios

In Paris, the city of lights and the home of iconic design is nestled a luxurious and eclectic 1450 square feet apartment. An apartment fit for the most creative minds, this project is one of the many homes of a prolific architect, who also dabbles in the art dealing worldBoca do Lobo Design Studio teamed up with the private client to collaborate on this unique interior design project. A multimillion-dollar penthouse that reflects the owner’s love for collectable design and the client’s needs to have a functional space for work and to be inspired at the same time.


Paris Luxury Apartment by Piet Boon Studio

Piet Boon is one of the most important and iconic designers of our time and belongs to the most famous Dutch architects and best interior designers. Take a look at one special interior design project made by him and by his team in Paris.


Classic Parisian Apartment by Pierre Yovanovitch

Credits Pierre Y.

In the hands of Pierre Yovanovitch the Paris apartment that iconic designer Jean-Michel Frank once called home got a spectacular new lease on life. A great design that mixes a contemporary look with a classical power!


 Marble Wonder Apartment by Joseph Dirand

Credits – Jacques Dirand

Joseph Dirand was always destined to embark in the world of interior design, as his father was the iconic Jacques Dirand, one of the decor world’s preeminent photographers. Known for simplistic yet luxurious designs, the top interior designer transported that same feeling inside his new family home, on the Righ Bank, in Paris.


Home Of Christian Louboutin by Jacques Grange

Credits Elle

Designed by Jacques Grange, this luxury home truly enhances the essence of the lord of high fashion design, Christian Louboutin. Located in the heart of Paris, when stepping inside of this modern apartment, it’s like you are taken right into the core of the designers’ mind, a life-scale sketch of what it’s like to have these stunning contemporary design ideas running inside of your head.


Modern Apartment by Champeau and Wilde 

Champeau and Wilde are iconic partners both professionally and on their private lives. Since launching their own design studio back in 2011, the top designers have been working on luxury homes in both France (home of Champeau, a French-British architect and designer) and the US (home of Wilde, an American art historian, and interior designer). This time, it was precisely a Parisian apartment that caught our eye, for it’s a stylish and modern design approach, to the fact that it’s still able to be dog-friendly too!


Apartment Of Hervé Van der Straeten

Credits – AD

When furniture designer Hervé Van der Straeten and his husband, Bruno Frisoni, decided to sell their loft-like apartment in Paris’s 12th arrondissement, they set out looking for something different. What they found was a 1,750-square-foot one-bedroom apartment on the Île Saint-Louis, right in the center of the city. The pair did very little work in the Île Saint-Louis apartment. They simply repainted the walls, which were formerly what Van der Straeten describes as a “cold white,” mostly substituting neutral tones like cream, pale aqua green and a pinkish beige.


Hôtel de Crillon Suites by Karl Lagerfeld

Credits – DR

Karl Lagerfeld, the late eccentric German designer who blended fashion and art, left us many projects. His legacy still lives one in the extraordinary Parisian suites, Les Grands Appartements, at the Hôtel de Crillon, one of the most iconic interior design projects of Karl Lagerfeld.


Place Saint Georges by Luis Laplace

Credits Luis Laplace

The Place Saint Georges is a 19th-century Paris Apartment that’s an eclectic home design of Argentinean interior designer and architect Luis Laplace. It boasts a marvelous composition of mid-century contemporary design and style with a refined classic architecture.


Classic 18th Century Apartment by Charles Zana

Credits Charles Zana

The classic 18th-century Paris apartment of top interior designer and architect Charles Zana is decorated with extraordinary examples of modern art and luxury furniture. Zana revealed to be one of the most enthusiastic Ettore Sottsass fan and the Memphis Movement that he has been collecting for over 15 years.

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