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100 New York – 10 Product & Fabric Designers

New York is one of the main cities in the United States where we can find every single interior design shop from the local furniture brands to furnishings and lighting designs, as well as decor accessories and plenty of inspiration. But New York is also a heaven of Product and Fabric Designers and in this list we explore 10 of these amazing examples.


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Established in 2010, Breakfast is a Brooklyn-based outfit that sits comfortably somewhere between interactive ad agency and digital product design company. Co-founders Andrew Zolty, Mattias Gunneras and Michael Lipton create innovative digital products that harness the power of web technology. Breakfast’s most creative designs include Instaprint, a location-based photo booth that sources hash-tagged images on Instagram and imprints them Polaroid-style on prints that can be branded for company events, and Points, a digital directional signpost.


ECCO Design

Ecco Design

Overseen by founder and president Eric Chan, who has 25 years of experience in product design, alongside Silas Warren, director of innovation and graduate of the prestigious Pratt Institute, ECCO Design is a multinational team of designers, researchers and engineers headquartered in New York City. ECCO, which has been the recipient of many esteemed awards including the Red Dot Design Award and Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award,

FTF Design Studio

FTF Design

FTF Design Studio is a joint venture by a husband-and-wife team: West Chin is the in-house architect, while Roseann Repetti is the interior designer. The company was launched in 2006 and produces a modern and elegant range of furniture and accessories. Chin, whose architectural background includes designing the chic former Whym restaurant in New York City, brings style and functionality to FTF Design products, while Repetti’s 17-year fashion career imbues their designs with beauty and sophistication.



To explain the furniture that he makes with the architect Monling Lee under the moniker Jumbo, Justin Donnelly references the classic, minimal forms — curved lines or squiggles that are present in all their pieces. These ones were designed to have no visible joints or transitions.




Based in Brooklyn, Pensa is a design and invention firm founded in 2005 by Marco Perry and Kathy Larchian that, in 2013, was awarded the Made in Brooklyn Award in Design by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce – a ceremony that recognizes exemplary business located in Brooklyn. Pensa’s dedicated approach to design has resulted in the creation of incredibly original products, such as the ethereal Light Reeds – an urban waterfront light installation of luminescent rods that are powered by hydrokinetic turbines.


Von Tundra

Led by Dan Anderson and Chris Held we have Von Tundra, a design studio and creative collaboration with their group of talented friends and colleagues. Working across a wide-ranging spectrum of disciplines including furniture and interiors designs, branding and identity and conceptual art, Von Tundra hopes to challenge orthodox concepts of function and form, producing creations that are both modern and rustic, sleek yet warm.

Best Upholstery Fabrics Designers in New York City


Drake / Anderson

Credits: Drake/Anderson

Jamie Drake and Caleb Anderson are two award-winning interior designers based in New York City that set their goal at creating a luxurious and refined design in order to bring sophistication into the world of interior design. Their trademark is their eclecticism, always proving that personality is crucial in the world of interior design.


Joe Nahem

Credits Fox Nahem

Based in New York City, Joe Nahem has been working for over 30 years in the industry. The materials he uses come from different parts of the world such as South Africa, Switzerland and Brooklyn. He is the interior designer that decorated Robert Downey Jr.’s house in the Hamptons.


Mary Mcdonald

Credits: Mary McDonald

Mary McDonald is an award-winning, internationally published Los Angeles-based interior designer. She is one of the stars of Bravo TV’s “Million Dollar Decorators” & “Property Envy” series. Her licensed product lines include an acclaimed fabric collection for F. Schumacher & Company, lighting for Robert Abbey, rugs for Patterson, Flynn and Martin, and furniture for Chaddock Home.


Thomas O’Brien

Credits: Aero Studios

Thomas O’Brien created Aero Studios in 1992 alongside William Sofield. He is known for his “warm modernism” and the way he mixes vintage and modern in his interior design. O’Brien has established partnerships with many important American brands, even though his main focus lays on the design of private residences.


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