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100 Moscow: 10 Luxury Design Powerhouses in Moscow

Today, Moscow is one of the best places to find the most spectacular representations of Modern and Contemporary Design, but also some of the world’s leading examples of luxury projects! Today we highlight 10 amazing studios and personalities that specialize in luxury design.

Balcon Studio

Balcon Design Studio is composed of a creative team that has united experienced designers, architects, artists and other qualified specialists with one goal – to create an individual image of your interior and bring it to life. The top interior designers offer a wide range of services in the field of interior design: from professional advice to complex design and implementation.



Beindesign‘s team of professionals offers a range of services that, thanks to a creative approach, can transform your home, apartment or office into a comfortable functional space that you have always dreamed of.


Bodes Studio

Bodes Studio is a team of young and ambitious designers who are in love with their work. Each project is special for the top interior designers because there are no identical wishes of customers and ideas about the ideal home. Therefore, they have an individual approach to everyone. In interiors, they value not only the innovation of details and a beautiful picture but also the comfort that gives the feeling of home.



Covering a variety of styles, Decorum is a good choice for modern interior design projects. The main idea behind Decorum is design outside the box and introduce high-quality products in any project: chandeliers, wall lamps, and floor lamps


Hall Oscar

Hall Oscar architect is a young project founded in 2018 by the famous namesake brand and designer Anton Veremeychik. The studio combines many years of experience in completing objects, as well as the talent and professionalism of a designer.


 Interer Architects

Alexey Klopov and Andrey Momot, the top interior designers behind Interer Architects, started it as a student project, taking their first steps with design and architectural projects. In 2014 Interer Architects started working as a company and started growing and putting together a team.



Since its incorporation in 2008, SIOCREATION has been inspiring their customers through the work they do in Moscow, CIS countries, and the European Union.


 Studia 54

Studia 54 is a force to be reckoned with in the interior design world, and particularly in the Russian design scene. The top interior designers work to be the best international design and architecture studio. Having gathered the best specialists in their team, Studia 54 embodies your dreams in its unique style.


Terra Darus

For over 20 years, Terra Darus has engaged in direct deliveries of Italian furniture of famous brands throughout Russia. The company has exclusive Italian furniture and lighting fixtures for private and public spaces like hotel complexes.


Timur Mitin

Timur Mitin is a Moscow-based digital artist working with abstract 3D shapes. His series titled “Alpha|Beta|Omega” is a whimsical combination of seemingly familiar objects hung inside the obscure space that immediately lose their materiality when examined in details. A soft pastel colour palette sets the mood of the artworks featuring elements reminiscent of wood, brass or marble. None of them can be easily defined as Mitin blurs the boundaries between the imaginary and the real.

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