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100 Milan – 10 Iconic and Luxurious Furniture Brands

10 Italian Brands
10 Italian Brands

Today we present a selection of the best Milanese furniture brands with hand-made furniture, demonstrating their evolutionary design ethos of continuity while at the same time expressing their creativity and innovation. Explore each one of them and get impressed with their amazing style!


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Armani Casa

Credits: Armani Casa

Founded by design and contemporary fashion icon Giorgio Armani, Armani Casa is the brand of the powerful Armani Group dedicated to Home & Interior Design! For Armani Casa, every material, every object, every detail tells a story and attests to an original fusion of creativity, beauty, and expert craftsmanship: the world of Armani reflects the constant yet subtle dialogue between tradition and innovation.



From the first approaches to the international creativeness, passing through the marketing of pieces of high quality, Cappellini gave life during the years to different collections, heterogeneous, but that cohabit with great harmony and facility under the same brand. The products of this luxury Italian furniture brand are never boring neither absurd, but they always possess something of alive and light, often full of healthy humor, other times proposing brave and dynamics formal solutions.


Illulian Luxury Rugs

Illulian is a historic and prestigious brand of world renown in the field of Luxurious Custom handmade Rugs with a contemporary design. This Italian design brand has never stopped evolving in its over 60 years of activity through a process of uninterrupted growth, participating in great projects, collaborating with prestigious figures in the world of architecture, design, and fashion and also building modern interior design projects.


Luxury Living Group – Fendi Casa

Since 1989, Fendi Casa has been creating prestigious furniture and design objects based on its unmatched style. A design extension of the legacy and of the unique style presented over the years by the luxury design brand Fendi, Fendi Casa is part of the Luxury Living Group family and, today is an Italian lifestyle project in which tradition is constantly reinterpreted in an innovative and contemporary tone.  All in all, Fendi Casa is a testimony to the attention that its parent brand Fendi has always dedicated to the world of design. The furniture designs of Fendi Casa embodies the exclusive style and expression of Fendi savoir-faire, raising the bar in the quest for precious materials and the distinctiveness of its artisanal craftsmanship.


Luxury Living Group – Bentley Home

Luxury Living Group develops, produces and distributes high-quality furniture collections for some of the most important international furniture brands. One of them is the Bentley Home. This Italian brand design is inspired by the time-honored craftsmanship and precious material selection.


Luxury Living Group – Trussardi Casa

The Trussardi Casa collection provides a dynamic and modern interior design, empowered to convey the family spirit that has always been the story of Trussardi.



Credits: Moroso

Since 1952, the company has always been open to new ideas, from its origins in post-war Italy where there was a culture of ‘doing things and doing them well’, Moroso has been farsighted, daring, and certain of the advantage of combining Craftsmanship and tailoring with industrial processing techniques to create unique products and by drawing on the worlds of industrial design, contemporary Art And Fashion. Most of Moroso’s products are made by the most amazing top designers of Europe like Patricia Urquiola.


Versace Home

Credits: Versace Home

As a big fashion house, Versacealways tried to broaden its creative world. As so, Versace Home represents the same line of luxury and quality in interior design that the brand evokes in each of its works.  Exclusivity does not equal restrictions for Versace Home, so they insist on the diversity of colors and patterns. Known for its iconic and glamorous patterns, one could say Versace imprints them as its personal branding in every design. Versace does many designs in black, white patterns and gold. However, the brand also does not shy away from much brighter or vibrant colors, combining them in absolute perfection.


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