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100 Los Angeles: 10 High-Class Design Brands in LA

Like New York, Los Angeles is home to several design brands of great quality. The La La land of the rich and famous is also the best place in the Western USA to find the best luxury design brands…and we’ve selected 10 incredible examples of LA design companies!


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Driven by their passion for elegant design, thoughtful sustainability, and community building, Cisco Home family of designers, makers, and activists work side-by-side to create one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly pieces that transform every client’s house into a home.



Founded in 2010, Croft House aims to encompass the sophisticated, relaxed feel of the California lifestyle through their handmade pieces of statement furniture. Croft prides itself on creating timeless pieces, individually crafted to fit a client’s specific needs. Their extensive design experience effortlessly transforms ideas and vision into functional, quality furniture. 


Out of love and passion for design, GARDE was conceived and founded in 2012 by Scotti Sitz and her partner, John Davidson. Their vision is to introduce the skills and talents of artists, from ceramicists to furniture makers.



Based in Los Angeles, California, the Haas Brothers transcend the modern art and contemporary design world with their mystical and unique creative works. Nikolai and Simon, the Haas Brothers , early received tributes for their exceptional craftsmanship and expansive studio practice. Their striking and remarkable works explore aesthetic and formal themes associated to nature, science fiction, sexuality, psychedelia and color theory in prolific materials.


Interior Illusion’s primary aesthetic is derived from the mixing of proper stylistic ingredients and correct proportions in order to create a uniquely storied design flavor that offers hints of modern, contemporary, regency, rococo, and even organic. This blending of design genomes has scripted the code to a new DNA specific to Interior Illusions and as a result, produced a new breed of style altogether.



Kelly Wearstler has an eponymous boutique store that’s packed with everything from the contemporary collection of high-end custom furniture, patterned wallpaper and luxury lighting pieces that mostly were designed by her! It’s at this store that she presents exclusively her unique brand products with an amazing aesthetic that appeals to an audience of discerning design lovers.



Kreiss pride themselves in producing an exclusive furniture collection that has pioneered what is now known throughout the world as “The California Look.” Their furniture captures both casual elegance and timeless style with its bold, clean lines, neutral color palette, and generously proportioned scale emphasizes comfort and the carefree spirit of true luxury.



Born in Australia and based in Los Angeles, Jonathan Zawada is one of the best product designers and a creative artist who works across the music, publishing, fashion, and corporate industries. Recognized for his varied approach to the discipline of design, the top product designer works as a practicing visual artist.



Landon Cole emphasizes design, high-quality comfort, and supreme service. With in-house artists and consultants, they are able to offer customized and even made-to-order furniture.



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