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100 Los Angeles: 10 Best Interior Designers in Santa Monica

You might don’t know but, Santa Monica has great Interior Design Firms. So today, we will present you with the10 Best Interior Designers you can in Santa Monica, one of the most premium areas of Los Angeles! This coastal bureau in Los Angeles is most well known for its fantastic weather, coastline, and the legendary Santa Monica Pier, still, there is more to find out about. Let’s take a look.


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Alison Kandler Interior Design

Alison’s portfolio is known to have a unique approach. With residential projects that are bold, vibrant, and with an over-saturated color pallet, Alison does it unlike any other interior design firm in Santa Monica. 

Bronwyn Poole

Celebrated for the fresh, lively spaces she’s been creating for over 20 years that capture the essence of her client’s lifestyle & aesthetic values, Bronwyn Poole’s work covers all design styles with a poppy punch.

Christine Markatos

Christine Markatos Design is a boutique interior design studio specializing in customized residential projects, led by founder Christine Markatos Lowe.

EzequielFarca + Cristina Grappin

Ezequiel Farca + Cristina Grappin is a design studio focused on creating holistic spaces through an intricate approach to each part of a whole. The studio—which specializes in product design, interior design, and architecture.


HBA Los Angeles

HBA fosters a highly creative, collaborative work environment at each of its 22 offices across four continents, constantly infusing various teams with developing young design talent. Known as one of the world’s Top Interior Designers, HBA chose Santa Monica as one of its many locations.


Julia Wong Design’s

Julia Wong is a Los Angeles-based interior designer recognized for her sophisticated and luxurious residential, hospitality, and retail interiors. Julia’s projects have earned her an international reputation for beauty combined with functionality through tech integration.

Kristin Nugent

Kristin Nugent is a Los Angeles-based interior designer recognized for her fresh, thoughtful, modern aesthetic.

Nanci Paige Design

Nanci Paige Design is a full-service boutique Interior Design firm grounded in the philosophy that the best design derives from the marriage of form and function, yielding beautiful spaces that wrap perfectly around the people who fill them.


Founded in 2003 by Kelly Schandel, think pure specializes in interior design for residential and commercial environments in the United States and abroad.


Susan Cohen

More traditional and old-world than fellow Santa Monica interior design firms, Susan Cohen and her team are known for their takes on classically oriented, ornate luxury. Specializing in luxury residential and hospitality design, her passion lies in primarily creating beautiful, comfortable, and functional spaces for her clients according to their desired specifications.

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