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100 Las Vegas: 10 Amazing Architects of Las Vegas

100 Las Vegas: 10 Amazing Architects
100 Las Vegas: 10 Amazing Architects

It’s now time to showcase 10 Amazing Architects of Las Vegas! We love Architecture and we couldn’t resist in selecting 10 amazing architects that work  hard in the Las Vegas Area!


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Established in 2008, Adapture provides architectural design and planning for various project types in the commercial, residential, and hospitality sectors. They are very well known in the LAV area!


Blue Heron

Founded in 2004, Blue Heron is a design-led development firm specializing in custom homes and boutique communities in Southern Nevada. Committed to developing the beauty of life, Blue Heron is the only fully integrated choice with end-to-end services – ready to bring your dream home to life.


Daniel Joseph Chenin

Artfully-crafted architecture, thoughtful interior design, product design, and furniture design, and sourcing and installation. These are the premium services upon which Daniel Joseph Chenin was founded in 2014. As a firm that thoroughly evaluates each commission, the firm only works on a limited number of homes.


Hoogland Architecture

Hoogland Architecture has only been in the industry for nine years, but it is already close to achieving an exceptional reputation for premium luxury home design. Ever since its establishment, the firm has been recognized for crafting homes that exhibit authenticity and a sympathy for urban and natural landscapes.


KGA Architecture

KGA Architecture is a Las Vegas firm offering interior design services. The team explores fresh concepts while tailoring its solutions to meet the client’s style, budget, and needs. Its services include working according to specifications in the selection of fixtures, carpet, and millwork, and finish materials in addition to furnishings, accessories, and art.


Marmol Radziner

Marmol Radziner is a regular feature on the AD 100 list. They are one of the best interior design and architectural firms in the world. Based in Los Angeles, but with lots of work in Las Vegas, Marmol Radziner was founded by Ron Radziner and Leo Marmol in 1989, after meeting in school and working at separate companies for several years.

Richard Luke Architects

An award-winning architecture firm, Richard Luke Architects was established in 1986 and has ever since won several awards in the South US Architectural industry! They specialize in Residential projects.


SB Architects

This San Francisco-based firm has an international reach and handles large-scale projects, such as hotels, resorts, destination communities, and mixed-use– buildings. But it is equally known for its inspiring custom home designs. It has been around for five decades and has other locations in Miami or Shenzhen, but it also has many projects in Las Vegas.


Thomas Burger

Thomas Burger Design Inc. brings over 30 years of experience in interior design to the Las Vegas area. The full-service architectural and interior design firm handles custom furnishings, lighting, custom cabinetry, landscaping, window treatments, detailed designs, budgeting, and drawings. Clients have included The Royal Family of Monaco, Foreign Ambassadors, sports stars, and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, and Zen has refurbished landmark buildings including 100 United Nations’ Plaza.


YWS Design & Architecture

YWS Design & Architecture is an interior design firm serving the Las Vegas area. The company deals with commercial projects in the leisure sector such as for gaming, dining, and hospitality and works with clients from concept and design through to construction, operations consulting, and brand exploration.

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