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100 Design Trends: Gothic Chic

More than spooky vibes and dark tons Goth is a new Warmth! We are here to prove and show you that gothic style can be stylish, seductive and charming. So if you are like most people read this. When you hear the term “gothic” you likely think of dark, macabre and scary spaces.  However, the Gothic style is often misunderstood. The modern Gothic interior design style is intricate and classic. It can be beautiful and welcoming when done right.


The History of the Gothic Aesthetic

The Gothic style dates back to the height of the medieval period. Many of the most notable examples of Gothic architecture are cathedrals and churches with pointed arches, ribbed vaults, flying buttresses, and an emphasis on verticality.


Interior Design

It’s obviously going to be dark, but that does not mean that it isn’t going to be cozy. Goth interiors are more than what many of you picture as Drácula’s House. They are made from details, classic features, and quite a fairy objects.




Dark conquers the scene but style wins for sure. In terms of goth style, it requires a sense of fashion and devotion for black. Morden Goth invaded the runaways proving that the followers of this lifestyle bring more than we normally see. Is not just the teenage years who wear dramatic make-up and ripped clothes that suddenly silenced all the gothic culture. Goth is power. Goth is subtleness. Goth is elegance.

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