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100 Design and Art Galleries – Part VIII

100 Design and Art Galleries – Part VIII
100 Design and Art Galleries – Part VIII

We continue to showcase 100 Amazing And Unique Design & Art Galleries! This list will feature the best galleries on the planet and we’ll explore the core of their work and what they have done to be considered one of the bests in the world! In Part 8 we explore unique Art and Design Galleries that were born out of amazing and powerful ideas that start as independent projects and end up turning into incredible gallery businesses. 


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One of the very few independent initiatives linked to collectible design in Finland, Lokal combines a gallery, an exhibition program, and a curated e-commerce collection thanks to the longterm vision of founder Katja Hahelsam



Side Gallery was founded by Luis Sendino in Madrid, Spain! A former lawyer Sendino managed, in just over three years, to transform an independent entity born spontaneously and naturally gallery into a successful business divided between Madrid and Casavells. 



MANIERA commissions creatives for furniture collections and functional objects, offering a digression from their typical use and crystallizing the practices of art (often inspired by space and the environment) and architecture (with a close relationship to the visual arts) in design, exactly where these disciplines meet.



Located in Brussels, Atelier Jespers is a Belgian gallery in continuous evolution. Jean Francois Declercq opened the doors to his home-studio-atelier designed in 1928 by Oscar Jespers, inaugurating it with an exhibit of works by Gerard Kuijpers and Ben Storms after decades as a furniture dealer.



The only African gallery in our 100 List, Southern Guild is actually more of an independent initiative for design around the world. Their mission is to deprive a sector the expressive capacity of an entire continent would be an unacceptable absence.



Natalie Enge had a clear vision when she decided to convert her centrally located concept store into a gallery for the art of young and emerging creatives exploring the confines between art and design. Well, today Sirin Gallery is one of the most famous in Europe…so we can say she accomplished her mission.



The Berlin-based gallery located between the Kreuzberg and Schoneberg neighborhoods is guided by Benoit Wolfrom and Javier Peres since 2018, representing perhaps the first of its kind in all of Germany.



The FUMI gallery was founded by Valerio Capo and Sam Pratt. This amazing gallery has affirmed itself on the international panorama of contemporary and collectible design



A platform gallery for sculptural objects that are positioned at the intersection of art and craftsmanship, the gallery founded by architect Bettina Køppe in Denmark sits on a very curious and iconic location, the island of Bornholm in the middle of the Baltic Sea.



MeMo is the reference for Brazilian design objects produced between the ‘40s and ‘70s and a large part of the gallery’s historic collection is purchased at auction from old companies.

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