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100 Design and Art Galleries – Part V

We continue to showcase 100 amazing and unique Design & Art Galleries! This list will feature the best galleries on the planet and we’ll explore the core of their work and what they have done to be considered one of the bests in the world! From the US to Asia, this  100 Design and Art Galleries List will cover the amazing and unique world of galleries from the design point of view! After New York, London, Paris and Milan, but in this Part V we’ll be showcasing 10 amazing design galleries that are based in Los Angeles. 

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Gusfrod is a contemporary art gallery committed to representing emerging and mid-career international artists. Seeing that they only do solo artist presentations, Gusford became a platform where artists can be as creative and critical as they want.



Located on Los Angeles’ Museum Row, A+D continues to be the only museum in Los Angeles where continuous exhibits of architecture and design are on view.  A+D Museum celebrates and promotes an awareness of progressive architecture and design in everyday life through exhibits, educational programs and public outreach.



The multimillion-dollar complex in the heart of Downtown’s Arts District presents museum-caliber exhibitions in a gallery setting. With typically three concurrent exhibitions per quarter, its stellar shows bring big names—post-war female abstractionists, Calder sculptures—alongside up-and-coming artists and local luminaries. 


The Kohn Gallery recently celebrated its 25th anniversary with an important show of artists chosen from exhibitions over the last quarter-century. Always with an eye towards the future, the Kohn Gallery continues to mount bold exhibitions and nurture young talent, blending historically important works of art with emerging artists of the 21st century.



JF Chen started over thirty-five years ago by design lover Joel Chen. A true inspirational space that offers furniture and decorative arts from eclectic period pieces to masterworks of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.



The premier gallery in the elite Florida winter retreat, open this year. The Hollywood gallery, launched with a group show featuring paintings, drawings and sculptures by contemporary artists from around the world.



Galerie Half is a Los Angeles antiques emporium. The founders of Galerie Half, Cliff Fong and Cameron Smith, offer an artful mix of 20th-century design, European antiques, primitive furniture, and architectural artifacts. Not surprisingly, the gallery is a favorite with the LA design scene.



Since 1976, the L.A. Louver gallery has mounted world-class exhibitions and represents such renowned artists as David Hockney, Ed Moses and Kenneth Price. Early shows of work by Marcel Duchamp, George Baselitz, Frank Stella and a collaboration between Samuel Beckett and Jasper Johns put Louver firmly on the art map. Now housed in a spacious modern building designed by Frederick Fisher, L.A. Louver has a timeless sense of artistic purpose—always keeping an eye on history—that is further enhanced by a varied roster of new and established talent.


Fifth Floor Gallery is a store and exhibition space in the heart of LA’s Chinatown. The space delights in a mixture of contemporary art and design. The Work on display rotates through the exhibition areas, while a steady base of unique accessories, jewelry, furniture and design objects remain on display. Many of these hand-made objects are unique.



And if you still have time, why not pop around Arcana: Books on the Arts Store. Arcana Books on the Arts is a bookstores of new and used books on contemporary visual arts.


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