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100 Design and Art Galleries – Part IV

We continue to showcase 100 amazing and unique Design & Art Galleries! This list will feature the best galleries on the planet and we’ll explore the core of their work and what they have done to be considered one of the bests in the world! From the US to Asia, this  100 Design and Art Galleries List will cover the amazing and unique world of galleries from the design point of view! After New York, London and Paris in this Part IV we’ll be showcasing 10 amazing design galleries that are based in Milan. 


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Fondazione Prada Milan is an exhibition space dedicated to contemporary art and culture. It is housed in a complex that for many years functioned as a distillery, but that has been changed by OMA – the architecture firm co-founded by Rem Koolhaas – into a collection of modern spaces.



The Gallery of Modern Art, GAM, is one of the most agreeable art galleries in Milan. Located in the Villa Reale, a sumptuous palazzo where Napoleon once resided. The gallery displays works by Lombards and other Italian painters including Modigliani, Boccioni, and Previati and non-Italian modernists such as Gauguin, Cézanne, Picasso, Van Gogh and Manet.



Museo delle Culture (Museum of Cultures), or MUDEC, is the latest addition to the museum landscape of Milan. It is dedicated to interdisciplinary research on the cultures of the world and focuses on the relationship of these cultures with the city of Milan. The cutting-edge museum is designed by the British architect Sir David Chipperfield.



Silos is Giorgio Armani’s own museum, dedicated to his fashion designs of the last 40 years, displaying around 600 of his works. The digital archive can be accessed through workstations and holds a collection of photos, sketches, technical drawings and illustrations.



The Bianconi Gallery in Milan in “Brera” district, with the commitment to develop an accurate work of research in the second half of 20th Century Italian Arts sphere. The aim is to review the artwork of strong artistic personalities, but still with a close relationship with the social reality and artistic dynamics of the time.



Pirelli HangarBicocca is a non-profit foundation, which has converted a former industrial plant in Milan into an institution for producing and promoting contemporary art. This dynamic center for experimentation and discovery covers presents major solo shows every year by Italian and international artists.



Gió Marconi gallery started in 1990 under the initiative of Gió Marconi who created the Studio Marconi 17, an experimental space for young artists and art critics. Gió Marconi gallery mainly focuses on contemporary positions and, at the same time.



Milanese gallery owner Luisa Delle Piane is well-known in the industry. Her research into the decorative arts of the 20th century began in the 1970s, and continues unabated today. An ever-attentive interpreter of cultural change, she organizes interesting exhibitions and installations and creates some exclusive pieces of furniture.



The Nilufar  Gallery knew how to cut out its own space and become the reference point to lovers of historical design as well as to people following the evolution of contemporary design, above all within that more learned, poetic and visionary area shifting between production and contemporary art.



Galleria Rossana Orlandi has been forecasting along the years new and upcoming designers and establishing the premise as one of the most revered platforms for avant-garde Design and Lifestyle. And one of the most sought-after during Milan Design Week

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