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100 Design and Art Galleries – Part III

100 Design and Art Galleries - Part III
100 Design and Art Galleries - Part III

We continue to showcase 100 amazing and unique Design & Art Galleries! This list will feature the best galleries on the planet and we’ll explore the core of their work and what they have done to be considered one of the bests in the world! From the US to Asia, this  100 Design and Art Galleries List will cover the amazing and unique world of galleries from the design point of view! After New York and London, in this Part III we’ll be showcasing 10 amazing design galleries that are based in Paris


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Situated in the heart of Paris in the 1st district of the city of light, the Louvre Carrousel is needed today as an absolute necessity. Open throughout the year, the area includes many restaurants and over 40 premium stores. The Carrousel du Louvre has mastered the art of combining shopping and culture.



Études Studio works as a collective, established in 2012. NellyRodi is an international trend forecasting agency. NEW TENDENCY is an interdisciplinary design company based in Berlin.
 Its portfolio consists of original products and collaborations with selected designers, always following a holistic approach: Products by the design company are characterized by conceptual design, clear aesthetics and functional form, as well as regional handcraft.



Founded by Béatrice Saint-Laurent, one the best European curators, Galerie BSL promotes, produces and exhibits refined artworks that challenge the established borders of art and design. Unique art pieces or in very limited edition and the stunning contemporary sculptures that promote transcendency speak to the heart as much as to the intellect.



is a reproduction of agency artworks- Serving our innovations MUZEO present in its showroom all their latest creations material printing, creative and products ( light weight frames , the use of molded work at the ceiling, provides digital …).



This gallery, in the heart of Saint-Germaindes-Prés, in La Vieuville mansion, dates from the 17th century and is owned by the energetic Kamel Mennour. It exhibits creative works, like modern sculptures with an exclusive design, by emerging artists.

Jacques Barret, founder of Triode, started his career as a designer at the Saint-Ouen flea market. Passionate, curious and in constant search of new inspirations and new creations, Jacques Barret has become in a few years an essential reference in American design in Paris.


The King of design galleries in Paris. Design is at the heart of the Centre Pompidou’s collections in a dialogue with the visual arts and architecture, from the modern avant-gardes to digital technologies.



Galerie des Galeries has come up with an innovative exhibition concept, with contributors from various artistic fields jointly developing a project exploring the worlds of art, fashion and design. Visitors will find themselves immersed in a scenography whose starting point is the artwork itself. Around each multiple, contributors construct a composition of fashion items and assorted objects, reminiscent of the Surrealists’ “exquisite corpses”.



In this gallery, Pierre Bonnefille is always presenting his latest designs inspired by the transformations of materials. Materials are transformed through an itinerary including wall pieces, unique furniture pieces, trunks and drawings.



La Cité de l’architecture et du Patrimoine
, with its permanent collections and temporary exhibits, is entirely dedicated to the discovery and knowledge of the city’s architecture, from the Middle Ages to our time.

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